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Makiko Yoneda solo album.

"WA" means "wa" of peace, "ring" of people, and "= zero" of round circles.

According to himself, "This is not the first CD, but the zero CD."

The Kiso hall is reserved and recorded by Stanway Concert Piano using only solar power (all until mastering, only solar power is used).

Mr. Kato, who participated as an acoustician, won the Grammy Award as the only Japanese acoustician.

One piece that you can feel the difference in sound quality like drinking spring water.

Musica ballada, SOLO.

Gravado só com a energia SOLAR no Japão em 2012 .

Piano; STEINWAY & SONS D-247

Piano & Composition: Makiko Yoneda

Engineer: Akira Kato


1. Music and You (take 1)

2. The Earth

3. No Title

4. Music and You (take 2)


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