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"~ Music / Life / Psychosomatic ~ New Music Project!"



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I want to tell piano fans! 7 Reasons I Want to Recommend Choro!

0:25 Reason 1-Classical music-like melody

1:20 Reason 2 --Mobile Piano

2:15 Reason 3--Piano beginner level is OK

2:34 Reason 4-The ease with which you can play with just your right hand

3:12 Reason 5-Various performance expressions

4:05 Reason 6-Join the ensemble & make friends!

5:00 Reason 7-A wind instrument even though it is a keyboard!

💓 Start 💓

A project to play Brazilian music choro * with keyboard harmonica in a fun and easy way ❣️

I want piano fans to play "Choro", which is said to be the oldest Brazilian popular music on keyboard harmonica!

A keyboard harmonica that always supports, encourages, and impresses me. "Key Hamo" for short ❣️

It was Kenhamo who gave me the opportunity to enter the music industry in Brazil! ️

And the genre I played the most (played?) Is one of my favorite Brazilian music, Choro ⭐️


I want everyone to experience an instrument that is super easy and easy but gives a sense of accomplishment ❣️

With that in mind, I will continue to share what I have learned from now on.

We also posted a dedicated list on YouTube with videos of performances in Brazil and Turkey.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


We will continue to post useful information 😉

If you like it, please register! It will be encouraging ❤️

The world of the key Hamo de Choro that anyone can easily start and has a deep depth 😌

Let's have fun together ~ 😘

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* Choro Samba Bossa Nova is the oldest popular music in Brazil. Fascinating music with a mixture of indio melodies, European melodies and harmonies, and African rhythms.

Instagram; https: // ...

Spotify-http: //



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