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Private Session

[Lesson target]

♪ Piano, keyboard harmonica,

♪ Popular music (especially Brazilian music represented by samba, bossa nova, choro, bioan, etc.)

♪ Mental and physical care (based on the Alexander Technique)



It will be a comprehensive lesson that includes not only music but also Alexander Technique.

As a result, it is possible to express music with maximum performance without pain.


[Target person]

♪ Hobbies, beginners-professionals

♪ Those who want to get a Brazilian happy mind that can truly enjoy playing authentic music

♪ Those who want to discover the "sound messenger" that is already in you

♪ Those who want to acquire the ability to play popular music (melody, rhythm, harmony)

♪ Those who want to play the piano or keyboard harmonica, or those who are interested

♪ Mental body based on the Alexander Technique that can be used both during performance and practice and in daily life ♪ -People who want to experiment with care (psychosomatic)

♪ Those who want to play with confidence at Hoda the Choro

♪ Those who want to get the attitude to work on music or life independently

♪ Those who are willing to try new things


[Lesson method]

Individual / group lessons by Zoom

Group lessons (two or more), as well as individuals, are very effective.

We will respond to your request every week, every week, once a month, etc. Please contact us.


[Lesson fee]

♪ Private lesson

Long lesson 90 minutes 14,000 yen

Normal lesson 45 minutes 8,000 yen

Short lesson 30 minutes 6,000 yen



We will record lessons at Zoom if you wish.

The image will be uploaded to Youtube, and only you can view it as many times as you like indefinitely.





[From Makiko Yoneda to you]

"Learn music and learn from music" is my motto.


When you hear the sound


"I don't know why, but I got goose bumps!"

"My heart trembled"

"I cried"

"I was healed.."


Do you have such an experience?


I think that music becomes music only when it reaches people's hearts.


Music is a word that describes you.


"There is already music in you"

"There is music that only you can express"


It's my job to develop your own potential.


And the more you play, the more healed and enjoyable you are.

By getting into the habit of observing your own mind and body, it's also my job to help you maximize your performance without difficulty and failure.

Taking advantage of the Alexander Technique, which I started learning with a doctor stop in Brazil, and "Body Consciousness for Musicians" who have obtained a teaching qualification, I will make it possible to learn music in the best condition for your mind and body.


The possibilities of music are sleeping in you.

Whether you are a beginner or want to meet new possibilities, let's learn the three major elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm), as well as learn music together in an effortless manner like you.








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