Makiko Yoneda TRIO 3 - Baião partido - LIVE on JazzB at São Paulo , Brazil -

Makiko Yoneda : Piano

Jamil Joanes : Bass Marcio

Bahia : Drums

Music - Baião partido - by Makiko Yoneda

Place - JazzB , São Paulo , Brazil



Sesc Instrumentalでは私のモニターから音が出てこなくて二人の音が聞こえなかったから、残念ながらバラバラになっちゃったからSescに載せないでってお願いしたの。






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Japanese pianist Makiko Yoneda presents her album “Brasileirismo” with the Brazilian legends musicians Marcio Bahia (drums) and Jamil Joanes (bass) , which features intimate author repertoire with melodies of oriental influence and classical music, but very marked by the artist's enchantment with Brazilian rhythms and with space for improvisation. According to the artist, “The title of this album represents my respect for Brazilian music. What brought me to Brazil was BM, which I consider it to be the most beautiful music in the world. Its rhythm, harmony and melody, everything is deep and never stops me ever. I tried to merge my experience with classical music, which I have learned since my childhood, the Japanese culture, especially the elements of serenity and space, and even more the Brazilian rhythm ”.

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